Hiring us

The Process


Hiring us means consistency

After booking us we want to get to know you and learn your exact needs and expectations. We know a vacation rental turnover cleaning is very different from an average home cleaning. For that reason, we offer a free walkthrough of your place or a quick phone call to go through our detailed questionnaire with you.

This questionnaire was created based on our experience managing vacation rentals ourselves, so we know all the right questions to ask to gather the necessary information to put in our system. This allows us to deliver a perfect and smooth turnover based on your exact needs and expectations. No matter which of our well-trained housekeepers is performing the cleaning and turnover service, they will deliver exactly what you ask for. 

Forming strong relationships that are built on trust is one of our most important company values. We want you to get to know us so you feel great and comfortable working with us and giving us access to your property.

After our first turnover cleaning, we ask you to do a cleaning quality check and provide us with your honest feedback. This will be the standard throughout all the upcoming turnovers and we want to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our work so you have peace of mind and you know that your place will be perfectly clean and 100% guest-ready,
every single time.